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I started The Blog Entourage in the fall of 2010 as a simple blog directory with posts on blogging tips. As I started featuring more and more blogs, I was dying to add all kinds of living and entertainment content. And I love to write, so I also wanted the freedom to blog about all kinds of subjects on my blog.

I have reworked the layout and increased the blog directory categories. We now have 18 blog categories, located on the left sidebar. Click here if you are a blogger and would like to submit your link to the free directory. If there is a new category you would like me to add, just email me and I'll add it! No problem.

When I started out as a new blogger, I found a lot of blogging tips sites, but most of them were less helpful and more spammy. All of the "adgitizing" and "affiliate" links that promise you'll "earn cash fast" are no better than all of the other work-at-home scams online. I love to blog about real blogging tips on advertising, marketing, design and whatever my fellow bloggers ask for advice on.

The Blog Entourage now  has content in home & garden, entertainment, beauty & style and more. The tabs are updated monthly, and new posts are shared everyday. 
Click here if you are interested in guest posting or regularly contributing.

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